Mother's Day Floral Workshop

What’s Better than Flowers for your Favorite Mom?

Learning how to arrange flowers with your Mom.
Or grab your Grandma, your Sister or your Best Friend! 

Introducing Mother's Day Floral Workshops at Upper Village Blooms!

Spend 3 hours together in a fun and professional environment learning how to arrange flowers in our signature romantic style with a modern twist. In this class, you will learn how to grid a glass vessel, select appropriate flowers and walk away with the foundations of floral design.

The $100.00 per person fee includes refreshments, as well as the vase and flowers that go home with you. The retail value of the arrangement per person is $60-65. 

Workshop Dates and Times:

Friday May 17th  6-9pm

Saturday May 18th  6-9pm

Sunday May 19th  4-7pm

Buy two tickets at a 20% discount and gift a unique and memorable shared experience for Mother’s Day!

Reserve your space soon, class size limited to 8 people.

(914) 862-0755

Photo by Alex Joseph, Shiny Skull Productions.

Photo by Alex Joseph, Shiny Skull Productions.

A Trip to 28th Street

Yesterday was a perfect day to wake up painfully early and visit the Flower Market in Chelsea!

With the change of the seasons, we’ve been looking for an infusion of energy and creative inspiration. Visiting the tulip farms outside Amsterdam isn’t an option this year, so we went to New Amsterdam to find the new flowers we crave.

First of all, why can’t we find Tuberose anywhere in Westchester but we can buy them at any Dean & Deluca in the city? Every single flower dealer on 28th St. sells them! We bought two bunches (the second dealer we visited had the healthiest selection) and are patiently waiting for them to open and release their fragrance. Polianthes tuberosa, of the asparagus family, is a night-bloomer native to Mexico.

If you’ve never smelled a tuberose in bloom, it is worth your while to stop in and sniff them. It gets the oxytocin going.

Stopping in at Caribbean Cuts, we met with Tom and talked about drying lotus flowers, heliconia, and how much we loved their sprouting coconuts. We walked away with one of them, and he gave us his tips on how to care for our new Sprout! You can see he’s in our window.

Below you can see some of our favorite things from our trip: baby Pineapples, budding fuschia Magnolia branches, giant Thistle, and miniature Carnations that are the size of a dime. You might even see some of this unique gorgeousness in our corsages and boutonnières for Jr Prom this Saturday!

Buying Local Flowers

When it comes to buying flowers, you can order online at a reseller, go to a supermarket, or order from a local florist. We understand that you have choices, and that sometimes one is a better choice than another. 

At an online reseller, your flowers choices are limited to what’s on the screen. Look at the photos and you will see that each floral design can be broken down into a very specific recipe to allow it to be cheaply and easily re-created. If the vendor belongs to a wire service, each layer of service provider (POS, florist, delivery, etc) takes a percentage of your money. The hard-earned, post-income, pre-sales tax $100 that you spent has dissolved into $75 worth of flowers. And after commercial shipping, they look rather worse for wear. 

At a supermarket, your money buys a lot of cut stems. These flowers are standard varieties and grown in the cheapest conditions. The design and care given to these flowers are minimal, and that’s all we really need to say.

Some local florists belong to wire services, and for this they pay fees every month. As above, your flowers are compromised by the percentage slices claimed by this marketing chain.

Upper Village Blooms takes orders only from our customers. Therefore, we do not pay wire services to bring in volume business. 

We drive ourselves to the flower wholesale markets twice weekly to hand-select the freshest flowers available. The flowers we choose are above-market and are not available to supermarkets and wire services. When we return to the shop, we typically spend 3-6 hours cleaning, trimming and preparing them. We give them another quality check, and only then do they go into custom arrangements or are available for you to choose as a single bloom. 

When we sell you flowers, we expect to see you again. Either because we’re neighbors or our kids are in the same school, or perhaps because our flowers are extraordinary. We care for them tremendously, it is what we do. We also sneak more flowers into our arrangements and bouquets because it is another way to show how much we love our flowers!

We are a small retail shop in an amazing Rivertown with foot traffic, wheelchair accessibility and parking. When we say we are proud to be a part of our community, we mean it —we do not charge a standard delivery fee within 10520. 

Come visit us and see how the Upper Village is Blooming!

Little Light Pottery

Orit Daly —a Croton-on-Hudson potter— introduced herself to us last year, correctly thinking we’d be in love with her line of botanical pottery. She takes plants in various stages (and seasons) and then imprints them in her art. Obviously Upper Village Blooms was smitten with this idea! 

After spending some time together with Orit, we realized we had a lot in common. Specifically, we love plants and flowers and we ❤️ Croton!

We commissioned her to create bespoke art celebrating the natural beauty of Croton. After agreeing, she then asked —What if we make something useful as well? 

A fruitful and creatively collaborative partnership was born!

We now present our Riverwalk Collection, three designs of our beloved Croton Landing, available in mugs and trivets. The trivets can be used practically, and when not in use it hangs on the wall. 

Orit’s line drawings of the Riverwalk capture the stark beauty of the Hudson River in winter. The slats of the walkway, curves of the path winding along the riverbank, and the graphic beauty of nature all represent our particular claim to the Hudson. 

The method in which Orit captures her art on our mugs and trivets is called the Mishima Technique. It originated in East Asia in 9th century Korea, then it travelled to Japan where it got its name. This method of incising and inking images before the glaze is applied perfectly evokes the linear aspects of Riverwalk in winter, with narrow-leaved cattails, reeds, willows, oaks, and the Palisades.

Stop into Upper Village Blooms and admire Orit Daly’s work, then have a lovely stroll on our Riverwalk!

Orit Daly from Little Light Pottery presents her Riverwalk Collection exclusively at Upper Village Blooms.

Little Light Pottery

Getting ready for Valentine's Day Part 2

Oh the flowers!

We cleaned over 600 roses alone and it was worth every scratch and heavy bucket. We’re not sure if we can trust anyone who doesn’t like dogs or roses.

No, it’s not too late to call to order flowers for pick up or delivery tomorrow!

Getting ready for Valentine's Day Part 1

We have been busy over here, getting ready for our first Valentine’s Day!

Despite the snowstorm, we received a giant shipment of TokyoMilk products. We re-stocked some favorites and ordered a few new scents, such as La Vie La Mort and Honey & the Moon. We added Pretty Rotten perfume and Kabuki Shea Butter Hand Creme. We are grateful that we had the chance to put this out in time for Valentine’s Day.

Our Bath & Body wall, includes TokyoMilk, Root, Branch & Blossom, Lovewild Design.

Our Bath & Body wall, includes TokyoMilk, Root, Branch & Blossom, Lovewild Design.

TokyoMilk Date Night. Includes Dead Sexy #06 Eau de Parfum and Lip Gloss packaged set in a luscious tin. Extremely limited stock.

TokyoMilk Date Night. Includes Dead Sexy #06 Eau de Parfum and Lip Gloss packaged set in a luscious tin. Extremely limited stock.

Silken Body, Silken Lips

It's perfectly easy to begrudge St. Valentine's Day, which is based on Valentine of Rome, who was martyred in 269 CE. He is the patron saint of beekeepers, happy marriages, affianced couples, and against fainting. 

Since we opened, we have proudly stocked Root, Branch & Blossom's all-natural and effective personal care products, such as Silken Lips, All-Clean Hands, and Slumber Salts. For this Valentine's Week only, we are pleased to offer a thoughtfully-curated special.

Exclusively at Upper Village Blooms is the Love is in Blooms Bundle! This includes Silken Lips, Silken Body, and the ever-popular Slumber Salts. At $24.50, this is a perfect gift for your Valentine. It also is a spectacular savings, with $7 off the retail price! 💗
It’s like getting Slumber Salts for nearly free!

Silken Body, Root, Branch & Blossom’s signature Skin Smoothing Oil, is a coconut/safflower oil based blend with a subtle scent that includes lemon peel. geranium, lavender and rose absolute. This is a light weight oil that offers a smooth glide for post-shower or massage that melts into the skin. We are offering it at $19 for this Valentine’s Day, or $5 off regular retail price.

Root, Branch & Blossom is one of the main lines of Attract Essentials, the creator of Intention-Based Aromatherapy™. We are so pleased to be one of their retail partners.



Valentine’s Day Specials


❤︎ One dozen Hearts Roses in vase $95.00

❤︎ One and a half dozen Hearts Roses in vase $135.00

❤︎ Six Hearts roses wrapped bouquet $45.00

All roses are accompanied by our lush wild greens assortment. 

Please contact us to reserve a special color or flower.

Our signature red rose variety, Hearts, is a luscious garden-style bloom with large rosettes and multi-layered ruffled petals.

In addition to red Hearts, we offer premium roses in various Valentine’s Day colors, standard and ruffled Tulips, and our ever-popular Mixed Signature Blooms!


Take 10% off Flower Orders Placed by 2/9


What's Your Intent?

Do you believe you have a purpose?

Could you be kinder to yourself?

Do you need help focusing on the positive?

I’m not alone in constantly trying to make my life a little better by adopting healthy attitudes and habits, or letting go that which does not serve me. And in addition to that reminder app, I also seem to need a physical token to prompt me down the road to consistency.

Intention has proven to be an effective change catalyst, however we all need reminders and gentle nudges to help us on our way to enduring change.

If this is resonating with you too, please read on!

MyIntent Jewelry is a wonderful way to incorporate positive thinking in our daily life. With some guided thinking, choose a word or phrase that communicates your Intent. Perhaps you want to overcome a challenge, start a new habit, or commit yourself to specific change?

Take three deep, slow breaths. Be present, accepting, and kind to yourself.

Your word will come to you, and when it does, we stamp it on a steel token that you can wear or reflect upon daily. My bracelet reminds me to FOCUS. Janelle has a token hanging on her mirror, stamped CHECK THE BOARD. Kanye’s is BEAUTIFY (lol).

For more information, visit their website or pop into Upper Village Blooms. We can help you come up with your word and we will personalize it for you.


Twist Bracelets $25, Classic Bracelets $25, Dainty Necklace $35, Chain Necklace $25, Bead Necklace $25, Token only $12-15.

For help finding Your Word, visit the Word Finder

If you like nice smells and impeccable design...

Skeem Design is a husband/wife team who creates stunningly designed gift items for the home. 

They combine quality scents with gorgeous design, and to further this brilliance, they design to eliminate unnecessary packaging.

Field Jar Candles and Vintage Matches

Field Jar Candles and Vintage Matches

Most of their containers are easily reusable.  They have a sensual way with scents —just sample their strong Arabica Coffee Field Jar candles or Palo Santo soap. Their soy-based candles and match bottles are “hand-made in small batches in the USA”.

Here, we feature selections from their Talisman collection, which is based upon the legendary Four Thieves blend. Here’s the quick story:

Six or seven-hundred years ago during the Bubonic Plague, four thieves stole the possessions from the myriad dead. Legend claims they stayed alive and avoided the Black Death because of a special blend of essential oils in vinegar. The recipe for vinaigre des quatre voleurs was known as:

Take three pints of strong white wine vinegar, add a handful of each of wormwood, meadowsweet, wild marjoram and sage, fifty cloves, two ounces of campanula roots, two ounces of angelic, rosemary and horehound and three large measures of champhor. Place the mixture in a container for fifteen days, strain and express then bottle. Use by rubbing it on the hands, ears and temples from time to time when approaching a plague victim.

Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, Gattefosse’s Aromatherapy (CW Daniel Company, Ltd. First published in Paris, France in 1937 by Girardot & Cie.), 85-86.

There are as many different recipes for this blend as there are variations of the story, but the effectiveness of the blend is due to the anti-microbial properties of essential oils.

We offer the Talisman essential oil roller ball and soy-candle. Use the roller ball to combat fatigue, as a mnemonic aid for studying, or simply to transport your senses to a calmer place. Pair the candle with the astronomy matches and you have a lovely gift to give someone.

Skeem Design’s Talisman Collection with Astronomy Matches.

Skeem Design’s Talisman Collection with Astronomy Matches.


For more information on the properties of essential oils, try the

National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy

Painted Tongue Press

Upper Village Blooms offers an exclusive selection of greeting cards that is unlike anything you’ll find in these hinterlands of NYC, and we take pride in it. It’s eclectic, sometimes irreverent, polite, and always tasteful.

Painted Tongue Press immediately caught our eye with their letterpress botanical cards. They are pressed on creamy, substantial paper and colored delicately. Unlike anything we’ve seen though, Painted Tongue Press cards are pressed on both the front and back.

We got excited over some gorgeous floral-themed cards and then saw the envelopes! Most people do not notice envelopes, those hard-working postal messengers, but you cannot help admire these. And so will the lucky person receiving them. 

Use them for absolutely any occasion and they will convey how much you care. They are the anti-thesis of a text message. Or a blog post.

Painted Tongue Press

Oakland, CA

Callifornia Poppies and Queen Anne’s Lace

Callifornia Poppies and Queen Anne’s Lace

We left the protective film on these cards, hence the shininess.

We left the protective film on these cards, hence the shininess.