NY Now Gift Show

Twice a year, the NY Now Retail Renaissance gift show visits the Javits Center, giving retailers opportunities to see over 2,300 brands of products. Home decor, bath and beauty products, stationery, accessories, jewelry, and specialty food items are featured from all around the world. It is a convenient way for us to browse new brands, sample items, and reconnect with our established vendors.

This week, we walked many miles for several days, winding through the vast array of products, trying to avoid collecting too many heavy catalogs and failing.

We sniffed more lines of candles and home fragrance diffusers than we can remember and sampled so many hand lotions, body creams, and balms that we we’ve been light-headed and shiny for days. Oh, the things we suffer through!

Now that we are back, we are poring over catalogs, calculating minimum order prices and wishing we had a million dollars so we could bring all these fabulous products we found to Croton!

Here are only two dozen of the pictures we snapped!

A Trip to 28th Street

Yesterday was a perfect day to wake up painfully early and visit the Flower Market in Chelsea!

With the change of the seasons, we’ve been looking for an infusion of energy and creative inspiration. Visiting the tulip farms outside Amsterdam isn’t an option this year, so we went to New Amsterdam to find the new flowers we crave.

First of all, why can’t we find Tuberose anywhere in Westchester but we can buy them at any Dean & Deluca in the city? Every single flower dealer on 28th St. sells them! We bought two bunches (the second dealer we visited had the healthiest selection) and are patiently waiting for them to open and release their fragrance. Polianthes tuberosa, of the asparagus family, is a night-bloomer native to Mexico.

If you’ve never smelled a tuberose in bloom, it is worth your while to stop in and sniff them. It gets the oxytocin going.

Stopping in at Caribbean Cuts, we met with Tom and talked about drying lotus flowers, heliconia, and how much we loved their sprouting coconuts. We walked away with one of them, and he gave us his tips on how to care for our new Sprout! You can see he’s in our window.

Below you can see some of our favorite things from our trip: baby Pineapples, budding fuschia Magnolia branches, giant Thistle, and miniature Carnations that are the size of a dime. You might even see some of this unique gorgeousness in our corsages and boutonnières for Jr Prom this Saturday!